BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!

Boston Montreal Boston

Over the years, thousands of riders from the U.S. and abroad have ridden Boston Montreal Boston as a randonnee.

The randonnee was retired after 2006, but the legend lives on. Though no longer a randonnee, it is available to us as a permanent brevet, or permanent.

If you miss BMB as much as I do, relive the magic or discover it for the first time. – ride with us this coming August 2011.

Date for group permanent: Thursday – Sunday, August 11-14, 2011.

Starts: Newton, Massachusetts

Distance: 750 freakin’ miles, that’s 1200 km.

Time Limit: 90 hours

See also What is a Permanent?

What We’re Doing Here

The purpose of this site is to collect information about the ride, the route, the services – anything that will help riders prepare properly and have a successful BMB.


  Ryan wrote @

Great website – BMB sounds like an epic ride

  Ace wrote @

I am planning for it now.

  Nathan P. Dick wrote @

Would like to keep posted on the activites, news, and announcements leading up to your plans for the BMB in August, 2011. Thanks.

  Susan wrote @

Nathan – I believe WordPress has an easy way for you to see new material on the blog. On the top of my browser I have a menu bar; the 2nd item from the right is Subscribe. If you click that, you should get automatic updates.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.


  Paul Kramer wrote @

I’m still angry that I bailed in Middlebury back in 2006 (and PBP in Loudeac, but that’s a whole ‘nother regret), so I’d love to attempt it again–especially since I can’t afford to attempt PBP again.
I’m planning on riding the Colorado 1200K in July, but if those plans fall through, or I DNF that, or finish it and feel I still have some energy left, then I’m in.
(Hopefully there’ll be some slow pokes in the group who’d like some company.)

Thank you for putting this ride together; great idea.


  Wayne Myer wrote @

Well now, this is exciting! I missed the last official BMB as I was just starting to consider randonneuring at that time. This in and of itself is a categorical pisser since I lived in BTV at the time. I might just have to book my vacation now!

  Carlton van Leuven wrote @

I’d like to ride this permanent in August. How do I get in the loop?

  Susan wrote @

Carlton – I’ll put your name on the list of interested riders. In the meantime, you can check this blog obsessively, OR you can click Subscribe at the top of the page and you should be notified of any new posts. Welcome aboard. – Susan

  Kerin Huber wrote @

Please put me on the list of interested riders.

  Paul Kramer wrote @

Start is exactly 1/2 year (26 weeks) from today. Hope the snow melts soon.

  stuart stevens wrote @

Great to see this back in play…

  Richard Whalen wrote @

Though I don’t know when I might be in shape for it, I’d like to do BMB as a tour – 6 days of 100+ miles each, with no night time riding needed. I did the quads in the first year that they were offered (1993?).

  Susan wrote @

This is a great idea. We should publish an itinerary or plan, that other riders could use as well.

  Tom O’Shields wrote @

So why is the BMB not done anymore?

  Susan wrote @

Hi Tom,

I suspect that the event director, Jennifer Wise, was ready to move on to other things. She’d been doing it for over 10 years, and it took a lot of her time.

However, just because she doesn’t wish to continue, doesn’t mean we can’t organize something ourselves.

Are you thinking about doing the group ride in 2012?


  Tom O’Shields wrote @

I’d love to do the roup gride next year
What’s the chances of reorganizing the BMB. Any people out there willing to help?

  tgloria wrote @

Tom – I’d be interested in getting involved in the planning process with the goal of doing the ride. I haven’t done the BMB, but did the Harpoon B2B last year and would like to extend the experience.
– Tom Gloria

  Paul wrote @

Where can I get the cue sheets for this ride?

  Susan Plonsky wrote @

You will receive the cue sheet when you register for the ride.

If you need more information than what appears on this web site, let me know.

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