BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!

I’m In!

List of Interested/Registered Riders

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  slittle wrote @

if these old legs will hold up, i am game,altho’ i begrudge the fee to ride a route i have practically memorized

  Susan wrote @

Dear slittle,

This is why the permanent costs 25 bucks:

I am organizing the group perm for my own benefit, because it’s more fun when there are more riders. If I were to make my own route and call it Susan’s Ride, I doubt if anyone would bother with it.

I am aware that I am benefiting from BMB’s success, its reputation, and the decade of effort it took to make it the legend that it is. To pay twenty-five bucks for that is a tremendous bargain.

Here are other reasons to register for the perm:

1. Under the rules, all riders in the group must be registered for the ride. You put others in jeopardy if you’re not registered.

2. A good deal of effort goes into keeping track of services along the route to ensure that everyone has a successful ride.

3. The unpaid volunteers in RUSA created the permanents program and keep track of permanent results which can be used for distance awards.

4. This isn’t a charity ride where you have to collect thousands of dollars in pledges. It’s 25 bucks. It may cost you more to get to the event, than to register for it. Since I’ll be coming from Arizona, I’ll be spending way more than that in airport food and baggage fees.

In short, you can ride the route any time you wish for no charge, or you can register and ride on a day when a group of permanent riders are riding – only you can decide how much that’s worth.

  Felix Wong wrote @

I am interested in riding this. Originally I was planning on riding PBP, but I have already done that before whereas I’ve never done BMB… plus saving $1500 or so by not going to France in August sounds quite nice right now. đŸ™‚

Agreed that $25 for this permanent is quite a bargain! Please put me down on the list.

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