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Middlebury, Vermont

Middlebury, Vermont; courtesy John Lee Ellis



  slittle wrote @

one year vermont was repaving the road between chester and grafton. in the new macadam on one of the uphill parts were quite a few fresh porcupoine quills. that left me something to ponder all the way back to wellsley.
further back on my first b-m-b, after careful instructilons at the start (newton highschool0 from hike (sp?) to follow the cue sheet carefully, the group left en masse and turned left instead of right, iirc.

  Roger Hillas wrote @

Have fun everyone. I’ll be doing PBP, so I won’t be able to join you. But what a wonderful ride, and what fond memories–both of the route and of Jennifer, Pierce, and all the wonderful volunteers who joined them. I’ve linked to my account of the ride in 2002. There are some captioned pictures from 2006 on the same site.

  Roger Hillas wrote @

The link is:

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