BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!


I’ve started a list of hotels/motels on the route.

If you have a favorite sleeping spot (maybe a post office or ATM), please let us know.

Start: Hotel Indigo, Newton, MA
Lots of information on their web site.
Very close to the intersection of 90 (The Mass Turnpike) and Rt 128.

Other hotels in the area:
Marriot 617-969-1000
Crowne Plaza 617-969-3010

Checkpt #1: 59 miles, Barre, MA
No hotels here but it’s too soon to sleep anyway.

Checkpt #2: 113 miles, Brattleboro VT
Hotels and food here. At this point you’re only 113 miles into the ride, so you’ll just be looking for food on the way north.

Motel 6 802-254-6007
Red Roof Inn 802-254-8701
Hampton Inn 802-254-5700

Checkpt #3: 168 miles, Ludlow VT
Hotels and food here. Though you could sleep in Ludlow the first night, you’d have to get up and start riding around midnight to make the next checkpoint.

Trojan Horse Guest House 802-228-5244
Best Western 802-228-8188

Checkpt #4: 234 miles, Middlebury VT
Most riders slept here during the randonnee. Some riders went on to Williston.

Marriot Courtyard

Williston (just south of Burlington, VT) Not a checkpoint, but you’ll find hotels here.

Checkpt #5: 324 miles, Rouses Point, NY
Hotels and food here. Some heart souls slept here during the randonnee on the way north.

Checkpt #6: 372 miles, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada
No sleeping facilities. In fact I don’t remember any services here except the checkpoint, the Royal Canadian Legion Hall.

Checkpt #7: 422 miles, Rouses Point, NY
Hotels and food here.

Checkpt #8: 513 miles, Middlebury VT
Hotels and food here.

Checkpt #9: 579 miles, Ludlow, VT
Hotels and food here.

Checkpt #10: 635 miles, Brattleboro VT
Hotels and food here. Lots of riders slept here the third night.

Checkpt #11: 689 miles, Barre, MA
Some convenient stores. No lodging, but I laid down on the grassy park in the center of town on the way back and fell asleep in broad daylight.

Checkpt #12: 750 miles, Hotel Indigo, Newton, MA
The end.

I started to plot these services on Google Maps. You should be able to add your own markers there as well.


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  Susan wrote @

from Jake:
Since Bullard Farm is no more, is Berre the official control location on the Perm?

The year before last I was in Ludlow VT with Pamela’s DROVES ride and we found the Trojan Horse Inn (hostel) to be semi-abandoned. It looks like they’ve reopened but I would want to speak to someone in person even if you make a reservation online. Plenty of other places nearby to use as controls and it looks like you were not planning on using it
as a sleep stop anyway

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