BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!



Route owner Jennifer Wise says about rain, “It rains at least one day on BMB every year. Always has. Rain is included in the entry fee, so be prepared.”

This is what I remember: hot during the day and freezing at night. Sometimes it rained at night so it was freezing and damp. When it didn’t rain at night, it was still freezing cold, like an autumn night in November.

As I see it, there are two ways to go: you can hope that Fate favors you and carry a lightweight jacket that will fold up small, or you can carry full rain gear and warm winter clothes for night riding in a downpour. You decide.

Average Temperatures

Newton, MA: Ave high 80°F, Ave low 62°F
Barre, MA: Ave high 79°F, Ave low 54°F
Ludlow, VT: Ave hight 81°F, Ave low 54°F
Middlebury, VT: Ave high 79°F, Ave low 58°F
Rouses Pt, NY: Ave high 79°F, Ave low 57°F

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise is about 5:50 am
Sunset is about 8 pm


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