BMB Permanent 2011

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What went wrong

1. The Middlebury Gap – Watch for wildlife, especially at sunrise and sunset. You may see moose in the swampy areas. I don’t know if they’ll charge, but I’m giving them lots of room. My friend Gerry Goode hit a racoon one year and crashed.

2. Still on the Middlebury Gap – If you get there after dark like I do, once you cross the summit, don’t go charging down the other side. Watch for pot holes. Don’t outrun your lights.

3. Losing your brevet card would result in total mission failure. Don’t put it in your back pocket. Guard it with your life.


Riding Audax Style

I:m facinated with this idea of riding in audax style. I understand it’s different from a paceline where everyone takes a turn at the front. In audax style the captain is at the front and sets the pace. The goal, as I understand it, is to have the entire group arrive at the destination at the same time.

Can Americans really do this?

Anyone who familiar with this type of riding is invited, please share your experiences.