BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!

How to Register

To register for the Boston Montreal Boston permanent, complete the registration form and follow the instructions on the official  Boston Montreal Boston web site.

Ride fee is $25. Deadline for registering is July 15, 2011 for the August 11-14, 2011 group ride.

To register for a free-route permanent, email Susan Plonsky. Note, that free-route permanents are still in the review process. If you write, I can give you the latest status.


1. You must be a member of Randonneurs USA or a member of any randonneuring organization (such as Randonneurs Ontario).

2. There are no qualifiers for BMB, that is, you don’t have to ride a brevet series, but golly, I wouldn’t even attempt this ride without riding one.

To properly prepare for BMB I suggest you ride at least 4 events: a 200k (125 miles), 300k (185 miles), 400k (250 miles), and 600k (375 miles) brevets.

Brevets held throughout the country are listed on the RUSA web site.



  Ace wrote @

I am in.

  oldairhead wrote @

$25 is a bargain for participating in this perm. How else can you do BMB anymore with other riders. The route information alone is worth the $. Thanks for offering it!

  John Martin wrote @

I’m very much considering taking “the challenge”.

  Mike Martin wrote @

I was forced to abandon BMB with 100k to go, and 12 hrs to do it in when my knee blew up to twice its size. I’ve learned a thing or two since then. Very much looking forward to exercising my demons. Thanks for the opportunity.

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