BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!

What is a Permanent?

Anyone who has done a RUSA brevet will find the permanent (or permanent brevet) familiar.

Permanents are a blend of bicycling touring, treasure hunting, and geocaching. You can think of them as self-guided bicycle tours with a goal and a time limit.

For a regular permanent, riders are provided with cue sheets containing turn-by-turn directions. Riders must follow the route exactly and get to the checkpoints between the opening and closing times. At the checkpoints, riders must obtain proof of passage, such as a store receipt or store stamp.

For the free-route permanent, the exact route is designed by the rider with the approval of the route owner. At the start and finish, the rider must obtain proof of passage. If no intermediary points are designed in the route plan, the rider obtains proof of passage at convenient locations every 50 to 100 miles.

Closing times at the checkpoints are quite generous. If you can maintain just over a 9 mph pace, you can make the checkpoint times. Remember – the clock is always ticking so you’ll probably want to ride faster than 9 mph to allow for breaks.

Permanents can count toward the RUSA awards, such as the Distance Awards, the R-12, and the P-12 awards.

See also Free-Route Permanents.


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