BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!

What’s the Plan?

The Boston Montreal Boston (BMB) Permanent is a permanent version of the original, challenging North American Boston-Montreal-Boston 1200k Grand Randonnée. Like the BMB randonnée, the BMB permanent is 750-miles (1200 km) and travels out and back from Newton, MA to Huntingdon, Quebec. The clock is always ticking and there is a 90-hour time limit.

Plan A

(Click for larger image.)


It’s a long journey, and one needs a plan to be successful. I’ve created 2 plans which you may consider:

Plan A is the traditional way that many riders have done it – sleeping in Middlebury the first night.

Plan B was also popular with BMB riders who chose to ride beyond Middlebury, VT and sleep in Burlington/Williston the first night.

Of course, there are many other ways to ride BMB, including the ‘ride till you drop and then sleep on the floor of a post office’ strategy, but I leave that for someone else to describe.

Other Permanents that May Interest You

If the BMB permanent is not for you, there are other permanents on or along the BMB route.

 For more details, see Other Permanents.


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