BMB Permanent 2011

Relive the Magic!

BMB Permanent – Plan B

Plan B was also popular with BMB riders – traveling beyond Middlebury on the first day and sleeping in Burlington/Williston the first night.

The advantage to this plan is that 1) distances  get shorter each day, and 2) you can stay at the same hotel on the first and second day.

BMB Permanent - Plan B

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Day By Day

Day 1: 275 miles, from Newton, MA to Burlington/Williston, VT.

Day 2: 202 miles; Out and back from Burlington/Williston, VT to the turnaround in Huntington, Quebec.

Day 3: 164 miles, from Burlington/Williston, VT to Brattleboro,  VT.

Day 4: 113 miles, from Brattleboro, VT to Newton, MA.

Time Table – The Route in More Detail

Plan B Time Table - Thursday

(Click for larger view.)

Plan B Time Table - Friday

(Click for larger view.)


Plan B Time Table - Saturday

(Click for larger view.)


Plan B Time Table - Sunday

(Click for larger view.)


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  si little wrote @

plan c ride to rouse’s point. nap. make it up and back to middlebury. nap. mdidlebury to home. did that with a/fib my last year of bmb. hope this time w/o the a/fib. it will be more enjoyable, but i am 10 yrs older.

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